Chatham-Kent Sikh Community Donates Thousands to CKHA Foundation COVID-19 Relief Efforts Chatham-Kent Sikh Community Donates Thousands to CKHA Foundation COVID-19 Relief Efforts – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation

Chatham-Kent Sikh Community Donates Thousands to CKHA Foundation COVID-19 Relief Efforts

CHATHAM, ON – The Chatham-Kent Sikh Community has shown their commitment to local healthcare with a $10,000 donation towards the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation (CKHAF) COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund.

Jarnail Singh Gahunia, the Treasurer of Kent Sikh Society reached out to CKHAF to express interest in supporting the Foundation’s COVID-19 efforts, sharing that Sikh organizations are doing wonderful things around the globe and Chatham-Kent Sikh Society didn’t want to be left out from doing their fair share in our community.  He hopes this may also inspire other organizations to contribute in some way.

“We have seen the hard work and dedication of CKHA’s front-line workers during this pandemic and are very grateful for everything they are doing”, said Gahunia.  “Our members are very proud to be part of the Chatham-Kent community, and we wanted to show our support and give back”, he added.

This donation is the most recent of many that have been received from various community groups throughout Chatham-Kent, a number of them donating for the very first time.

Funds raised through the COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund are directly supporting CKHA’s highest priority needs.  As CKHA continues to implement proactive measures to prepare for a potential rise in confirmed cases of COVID-19, the need for additional equipment also continues.

“It has just been so inspiring to see so many people coming forward every day, asking how they can support our hospital during this unprecedented time” said Mary Lou Crowley, President & CEO, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation.  “With so many local businesses and community organizations being financially impacted by COVID-19, we recognize and value the incredible support we are receiving more now than ever before.”

Mr. Gahunia is also member of the Chatham-Kent Asian Cultural Association (CKACA) and went a step further to contact a personal Friend Mr. Rafi Veettile, President of the CKACA, to encourage his group to support, which led to an additional donation of $5,000.  CKACA represents local individuals & families with backgrounds from various countries with different cultural and religious believes.

Chatham-Kent Sikh Society has since reached out to offer support to individuals who are in need of groceries or other items and are unable to get these items on their own.

“The Foundation is truly fortunate to have such a caring and supportive community around us, who always come through in times of need” says Gaye Thompson, Board Chair, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation. “The generosity shown by the Chatham-Kent Sikh community is another perfect example of how this community rallies together to support their hospital.”

For more information about Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation’s COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund, please visit or call the Foundation office at 519.436.2538.

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