COVID-19 Update from President & CEO Mary Lou Crowley #3 COVID-19 Update from President & CEO Mary Lou Crowley #3 – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation

COVID-19 Update from President & CEO Mary Lou Crowley #3

COVID-19 Update #3

We are experiencing extraordinary times, and the Foundation is in awe of the extraordinary response from our community as we navigate this time together. The contributions to our COVID-19 Healthcare Relief Fund are now over $80,000, and for this I THANK YOU!

I am truly inspired by all who have contributed!

Your donations are being used to purchase vital equipment that will support our local hospital and front-line workers as they put their health at risk, and work to provide the best possible patient-centred care.

Our hospital is in urgent need of the following equipment:


$5,000 – A Medical Grade HEPA filter will mitigate the risk of the COVID-19 virus spreading through hospital ventilation.


$5,500 – The purchase of IV pumps is necessary for additional hospital beds, and are needed to ensure nurses have the proper equipment to administer medicine.

$6,500 – A Noco Sprayer is capable of disinfecting all hard surfaces within a room, and will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our hospital to protect our patients and front-line staff.


$15,625 – Additional Medicine Beds are needed to accommodate the influx of patient numbers due to COVID-19.


$50,000 – A Patient Ventilator will support patients unable to breathe on their own, a severe symptom of COVID-19.



With new information becoming available each day, these needs are rapidly changing. Your support is critical, and every dollar will have a direct impact on patient care. If you are able, please consider making a donation.

CKHA has taken additional precautionary measures to prepare for the future of COVID-19 in Chatham-Kent, including:

  • Securing St. Clair College Healthplex as an offsite hospital capable of treating 40 low acuity patients
  • Creating capacity for additional inpatient units in unconventional spaces including Ambulatory and Medical Day Care, and the Surgical Unit
  • Adding a second negative pressure room to the Wallaceburg site to prepare for any intubation procedures
    Words of Gratitude from our Donors

“This contribution is dedicated to you. Whether you work or volunteer. Doing so much for so many. Making larger things possible. Enabling the CKHA, and our community, to meet the challenges ahead. Please know we are very grateful.” – Mary, Larry, Bruce, and John Bradley

“I appreciate the sacrifices you are all making to try to combat COVID-19 and save lives. Thank you” – Jana

“Thank you to doctors, nurses, paramedics, and hospital staff for the work you do!” – Walter

“We really appreciate the time and effort those working in health care are extending to all of us. Thank you so much.” – Ruth


I hope this message finds you well, and you remain safe and healthy as we navigate this public health crisis.

Together, WE CAN emerge a stronger and healthier community.


Mary Lou

Make an impact on healthcare in Chatham-Kent!