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Foundation Provides Emergency Funding For OR Equipment

Imagine waiting months to see a Specialist for a health issue that is impacting your quality of life. After months of pain, your Specialist books an appointment for the surgery that could change your life. Imagine after weeks of anticipation and planning, you receive a call that your surgery has to be delayed. It’s not cancelled because the doctor isn’t available, or because of an emergency situation. It’s cancelled because the hospital needs the proper equipment.

This was almost the case earlier this year when Colleen O’Neill, Clinical Manager, Operating Room at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance found out that one of the OR Surgical Tables couldn’t be repaired. “We already had one table out of service, waiting for parts.” said Colleen. “Being short another table put us in serious risk of having to cancel orthopedic, gynecological and ENT related surgeries. We couldn’t do that.”

Colleen reached out to CKHA’s Finance Department, who in turn reached out to the Foundation. “Patient care is the most important thing to both the hospital and the Foundation,” said Jerome Quennville, VP/CFO at CKHA. “I am proud to see the support of the Foundation and its donors with this type of funding.”

After getting approval from the Foundation and its Finance Committee, the Foundation was more than happy to support the purchase of a new $40,000 operating table for the Chatham Campus. Installed in February, the new OR table has already been used for many life changing surgeries.

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