New Lullabye System Celebrates Newborns, Parents New Lullabye System Celebrates Newborns, Parents – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation

New Lullabye System Celebrates Newborns, Parents

If you have visited CKHA in the last two weeks, you may have had the pleasure of hearing a familiar song playing over the hospital speakers-Brahm’s Lullabye. Recently installed in the Women & Children’s Department, new parents are given the opportunity to play the lullabye over the speaker system in celebration of their new child. Funded through the Foundation, the Brahm’s Lullabye system is a welcome addition to patients and staff alike.

“We care for patients for birth to death, and celebrating the start of a new life for a brief moment in the day is really grounding,” said a nurse in the Women and Children’s Department.

“Yesterday I had a really frustrating day. Hearing the lullabye play put everything into perspective for me and was what I needed to continue on with my day,” said a therapist with CKHA.

“For our patients, it’s such an emotional feeling hearing the lullabye play. The room goes silent when it plays.” said an Oncology nurse.

For Greg Smyth, who welcomed a new baby girl to his family today, it was a surreal experience. “It’s a proud moment to know that a song is playing in honour of your child, and that everyone can hear it. I like it.”

The $4,500 Brahm’s Lullabye System was funded through donations made to the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation. The system is designed to permit an emergency page or announcement.

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