Jim’s Story | Together we can combat the Mental Health & Addiction Crisis in Chatham-Kent Jim’s Story | Together we can combat the Mental Health & Addiction Crisis in Chatham-Kent – Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation

Jim’s Story | Together we can combat the Mental Health & Addiction Crisis in Chatham-Kent

Dear Neighbour,

The mental health and addiction crisis in Chatham-Kent has touched so many lives. For Jim, a native of Ridgetown and long-time Chatham-Kent resident, a decades-long battle with alcohol and drug addiction has yielded devastating effects.

“My addiction destroyed me. It took away everything that I loved.”

After battling his addiction for decades, Jim decided that he would end his life at the age of 55. But when that day came, he had a change of heart. This is where his long road to recovery began.

In the years that followed, he visited Withdrawal Management programs outside of Chatham-Kent many times to get sober, ultimately relapsing each time. Despite these relapses, RWM provided Jim with a safe and supportive environment to get sober when he needed it most.

“Without the help of Withdrawal Management, I would have died.”

After an overdose in February of 2020, Jim’s daughter recommended that he return to a RWM program, and then visit the Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine (RAAM) clinic at CKHA.

With the aid of prescription medication to help control his cravings, Jim approached his recovery like never before. With the assistance of both RWM and the RAAM clinic, Jim was able to transform his life.

Today, Jim devotes his life to his own sobriety, researching and learning about mental health and addictions, and helping residents of our community who are fighting the same battles that he has fought.

“I see it every day: there is an on-going battle against addiction in Chatham-Kent.”

Jim sees the addition of a new RWM program at CKHA as a significant milestone in the fight against addiction in our community. By developing a local solution to combat a local crisis, we’ll eliminate many of the barriers that currently prevent so many of our residents from seeking treatment.

Jim also recognizes that the relocation of the RAAM clinic to the same facility as the RWM program will help to spread awareness and education, enabling more effective treatment.

“More people need to know about the RAAM clinic,” notes Jim. “Placing all of the vital mental health programs in close proximity will greatly improve CKHA’s ability to treat addiction.”

Jim’s story is unique, but he is far from alone. His story can serve as an inspiration to anyone in our community who is suffering from addiction. Together, we can support the development of a new RWM facility at CKHA, helping to turn the tide in the battle against addiction here in Chatham-Kent.

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