Through the incredible support of our donor community, we have been able to successfully raise critical funds to support the purchase of new equipment, or enable new program developments at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

New Withdrawal Management Services

We have all seen that there is a critical need for Withdrawal Management and enhanced mental health and addiction services in Chatham-Kent. Right here in our backyard, lives, families and entire communities are affected by addiction. This new local facility will provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals requiring these services.

Donors from across Chatham-Kent stepped up in support of our Community Appeal, playing a vital role in helping to bring this important service home at a time when it is needed most. The new 10-bed unit will provide a supportive environment to enable safe withdrawal from substances and initiation of follow-up addictions treatment, and is crucial in our efforts to combat the ongoing mental health and addiction crisis in our community.

Urology Services at CKHA – YOU helped bring urology care home.

Through the support of our donor community, the Foundation was able to fund critical equipment, including a new C-Arm diagnostic imaging machine, a new Urodynamics machine, and a new Bladder Scanner for CKHA’s Urology Services.

The Urology team officially began to see patients in July of 2020, and although many elective procedures were postponed due to Covid-19, including a number that were Urology related, CKHA’s Urology clinic saw 1,164 in the first six months.

CKHA celebrated the Urology Services official opening with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the occasion. This milestone for CKHA signifies the completion of construction on a new Operating Room Theatre at the Chatham Site to accommodate Urology and other surgical procedures.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) units

New PFT units are a high priority need for replacement at CKHA. They are noninvasive diagnostic testing devices that show how well the lungs are working. The tests measure lung volume, capacity, flow rates, and gas exchange. This information helps CKHA diagnose and decide the treatment options of lung disorders.

CKHA patients may require a PFT as part of a routine physical, or to ensure employee health in certain work environments, or to in help diagnosing a wide variety of health problems.

Autoclave Sterilization System

The Autoclave Sterilization System will ensure the sterilization of medical equipment, killing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores that could otherwise survive standard sterilization methods. Patient safety is the top priority for CKHA.

The Autoclave Sterilization System will provide a nontoxic and inexpensive way to eliminate microbial contamination, preventing the transmission of harmful diseases and health-care associated infections with maximum efficacy.

Video Laryngoscope

CKHA’s Wallaceburg site received a new Video Laryngoscope – an important piece of equipment that is used for intubation of patients during a medical emergency. With the addition of this equipment in the Emergency Department, medical staff will be able to provide quicker and safer intubations across a wide range of patient types, including pediatric patients.

Patient Ventilator

An additional Patient Ventilator was added to the Emergency Department at CKHA’s Chatham site.  This piece of equipment is critical to support multiple patients who were unable to breathe on their own, and has been used to help treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19.