Become a Monthly Donor

Your commitment to Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation through regular monthly donations allows you to make a significant contribution over a manageable period. For example:

  • $10 per month is only 33 cents per day, but adds up to $120 per year!
  • $25 per month is only 83 cents per day, but adds up to $300 per year!
  • $50 per month is only $1.65 per day, but adds up to $600 per year!

How does monthly giving work?

On a date chosen by you, a predetermined amount set by you will be deducted automatically from your bank account or credit card. At the end of the year, you will receive one tax receipt from Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation for your total donations.

Melvin Goddard, a monthly donor to Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation
Melvin Goddard, a retired aircraft mechanic, pictured here in front of a plane very similar to the ones he used to work on.

Inspired to provide ongoing support.

As a Foundation, we are profoundly grateful for each and every one of our donors for their commitment to healthcare here in Chatham-Kent. Many of our supporters opt to pledge a monthly gift to the Foundation to provide ongoing support for equipment, innovation, and compassionate care at CKHA, for which we are also appreciative.

Meet Mel Goddard, a Blenheim resident and retired Aircraft Mechanic with a unique story to tell and a particular passion for giving back to his community. Mel became a monthly contributor to the Foundation back in January for the comfort and control that it offers him as a donor.

“Life has been good to me,” Mel noted. “I’ve had my share of difficulties just like everyone else, but I have enough to give some back to important cause, and that’s exactly what I do. Donating monthly gives me the ability to give generously which keeping control to ensure that I have enough money to make the donation every month.”

In his younger days, Mel had success in a number of different careers before becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic. He also dedicated himself to his passions, which included spending days or ever weeks at a time hiking and backpacking trails across Ontario and Quebec.

Nowadays, Mel sees the importance more and more of donating in support of the Foundation and our local hospital sites.

“I’ve been in good health for the most part, but I still need to use the hospital’s services from time to time, and I know that they have a real need for importance pieces of new equipment,” Mel said. “I’ve always had positive experiences at the hospital, so I was happy to start donating monthly to support the work being done there.”

We are inspired by Mel’s generosity and willingness to support local healthcare, and we do hope that more and more Chatham-Kent residents will join him in pledging a monthly gift to the Foundation.

Whether large or small, we can assure you that your monthly gift will have a major impact on our hospital. Mel’s donations make a real difference for our community, and so will yours!

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