Dynamic Simulation session offers innovative way for local Emergency Physicians to enhance their skills

Pictured above (left to right): Anuj Karir, Scotiabank; Dr. Shawn Segeren; Mary-Lynne Goodman, Senior Financial Consultant, MD Management Limited; Sherry Coppo, Branch Manager, Scotiabank.

On Thursday, October 12th, thanks to Scotiabank’s generous support, Dynamic Simulation, a local medical education company, hosted an innovative Procedural Skills Day for the Emergency Department (ED) Physicians of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA). The event, which took place at CKHA’s Dr. Don Patterson Learning Centre, provided 20 local ED Physicians with the opportunity to enhance their skills by practicing a variety of critical care scenarios through clinical simulations.

Dynamic Simulation Session participants simulate the placement of a Blakemore Esophageal Tube.Thursday’s session encompassed a range of procedures that ED Physicians can expect to encounter, including some high-acuity, low-occurrence (HALO) procedures, as well as ones that are more commonplace. Procedures simulated during the session included the placement of a Blakemore Esophageal Tube, crucial for patients facing severe and life-threatening gastroesophageal bleeds, a Lateral Canthotomy, employed in cases of severe eye trauma, an Ultrasound-Guided Central Line and IV Insertion, and a Lumbar Puncture or spinal tap procedure.

“Thanks to Scotiabank’s strong support of the Dynamic Simulation program, these Procedural Skills Days allow us to set up dedicated stations to simulate a variety of different procedures and scenarios, allowing our physician participants to receive hands-on training and guidance from experienced Emergency Physician instructors,” stated Dr. Shawn Segeren, Founder & Director of Dynamic Simulation and an ED Physician at CKHA. “This interactive approach is what the program is all about, ensuring that our participants gain experience and a deeper understanding of these critical procedures.”

Dr. Segeren founded Dynamic Simulation in April of 2020, when he arranged a series of clinical simulation sessions focused on resuscitating patients with COVID-19. In the ensuing years, the program has branched out to offer a wide variety of critical-care simulation sessions and Procedural Skills Days for ED Physicians, Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and other specialists at CKHA. Using realistic clinical simulation scenarios and equipment made possible through Scotiabank’s strong partnership, these sessions are a safe and effective way to improve patient care and outcomes during high-pressure situations.

Dr. Shawn Segeren provides a brief itinerary to participants in the Dynamic Simulation Procedural Skills Day, comprised of other local ED Physicians.Earlier this year, Scotiabank generously committed a total gift of $67,200.00 to Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation (CKHAF) over a period of two years in support of this innovative hospital program. The first of two gift installments of $33,600.00 was made official with a cheque presentation at CKHA on Tuesday, May 2nd.

“Since Scotiabank initiated their partnership earlier this year, the program has already benefitted significantly, which is evident through today’s Procedural Skills session,” noted Dr. Segeren. “This strong financial support has allowed us to offer more high-fidelity simulations, leveraging new equipment that allows us to better serve our ED Physicians and teams, and as a result, our community as a whole.”

For Scotiabank, this partnership is part of an ongoing priority to support the growth and prosperity of local communities and demonstrate a commitment to a better future for all Canadians.

“Since its founding in 2020, the Dynamic Simulation program has had such a positive impact on our hospital, providing a unique way for our physicians and frontline staff to sharpen their skills in preparation for different high-pressure situations,” said Christine Colautti, CKHAF President & CEO. “As a Foundation, we are honoured to serve as a link between generous community partners like Scotiabank and innovative programs like Dynamic Simulation, and it is wonderful to see this partnership in action with so many local physicians in attendance for today’s session.”

Through their partnership with CKHAF, Scotiabank has agreed to sponsor ten Dynamic Simulation sessions and two Procedural Skills Days per year for each of the next two years. With this strong support, Dr. Segeren and his team continue to expand the program to work not only with ED staff, but with other departments as well. As a result, this partnership is making valuable clinical education opportunities available to even more of CKHA’s physicians and healthcare providers.

For more information about Dynamic Simulation, visit www.dynamicsimulation.ca. For more information about CKHAF or Scotiabank’s partnership, please call the Foundation office at 519.436.2538.