President & CEO of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation Moving On After Years of Transformational Success

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation (CKHAF) announced today that President & CEO, Mary Lou Crowley, is stepping down to pursue a new leadership opportunity in the philanthropic healthcare sector. After nearly six years in the role, during which her experience and expertise led to a period of great growth for CKHAF, Crowley will be bringing her passion and leadership to her new role at St. Thomas Elgin Hospital Foundation.

“The Board of Directors is sad to see Mary Lou move on, but at the same time, we are incredibly grateful for her significant contribution over the last five and a half years,” said Bob Hockney, CKHAF Board Chair. “We recognize that the Foundation Mary Lou joined back in 2017 is not the same organization she will be leaving, and we are very proud of the transformation and incredible success we’ve achieved together. Because of Mary Lou’s strong leadership, the Foundation will continue to thrive for many years to come.”

Crowley joined the Foundation in November of 2017, at which point she spearheaded an organizational transformation that has had a measurable impact both internally and externally. CKHAF has experienced significant success and a wide range of achievements throughout Crowley’s tenure. This includes raising almost $7.3 million in support of the Foundation’s Diagnostic Imaging campaign, exceeding the campaign’s $6.9 million goal. She also worked closely with the volunteer Board of Directors of the Chatham-Kent Public General Hospital Foundation, Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, and the Sydenham District Hospital Foundation in overseeing the historic amalgamation of these three Foundations to form CKHAF.

Since joining the organization in 2017, Crowley has led the way as CKHAF’s signature events have raised record-breaking amounts in support of life-changing equipment, innovation, and facility upgrades at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA). In 2019, she oversaw the implementation of one of the first charitable online 50/50 fundraisers in Southwestern Ontario, which has raised over $1 million in total ticket sales over the past four years. Along the way, she has also elevated the Foundation’s brand to new levels throughout Chatham-Kent and beyond.

“I want to thank the Foundation’s incredible Board of Directors for their leadership, guidance, and dedication to local healthcare, as well as the team members, colleagues, staff, and physicians at CKHA that I have had the privilege of working with for nearly six years,” Crowley stated. “This journey has been made possible by the hard work of all these wonderful individuals, together with the support of our generous donors, corporate partners, and dedicated volunteers. It has truly been an honour to be part of such a giving, caring community for so many years, and I am beyond confident that the Foundation will continue to experience great success with so much support from across Chatham-Kent.”

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has begun a recruitment process, with Crowley’s last day set for mid-July, 2023.

CKHAF is incredibly grateful for Crowley’s inspiration and transformative leadership, and will continue to follow her strong example as it fulfills its mission by leading the way in philanthropy and connecting the communities of Chatham-Kent in support of high quality healthcare in our local hospital sites.