Current Priorities for 2022

Highest Priority Needs

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Chatham Site Exterior

CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs can range from funding for new capital equipment, furnishings and technologies, to the updating of programs, facilities and services at CKHA’s Chatham and Wallaceburg sites. Raising funds for CKHA’s Highest Priority Needs is of key importance to the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation.

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Warming Cabinets

Support the purchase of Warming Cabinets for CKHA's Chatham and Wallaceburg sites

All proceeds from the Foundation’s 33rd annual Christmas Wish Tree campaign will support the purchase of new Warming Cabinets for CKHA’s Chatham and Wallaceburg sites. These Warming Cabinets have been identified as a high priority need for replacement at CKHA. Warming Cabinets ensure that blankets are kept warm to help patients remain comfortable during their stay in the hospital. While simple, this is the type small comfort that can make a massive difference to a patient’s experience. Warmed blankets are used every day on each unit in the hospital, and it would be detrimental to patient care if a unit could not supply a warmed blanket for their patients.

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Withdrawal Management Services

Withdrawal Management and Addiction Services at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

The Withdrawal Management services will provide a supportive environment to enable safe withdrawal from substances and initiation of follow-up addictions treatment. The renovated facility, which will include the relocated RAAM clinic, will enable CKHA to provide the best and most appropriate care to people struggling with addictions. In doing so, it will also reduce the pressure put on the hospital’s acute mental health inpatient program. CKHAF launched a community-wide fundraising campaign on April 1, 2022 that has received tremendous community support.

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How Funding Priorities are determined

The process for how funding priorities are determined is based on the annual capital equipment plan and budget that is developed by Chatham-Kent Health Alliance. The hospital and Foundation review the proposed priorities and agree on the items that the Foundation’s annual allocation – a commitment of $500,000 – will support.

Once the priorities are approved, the Foundation will identify key campaigns and fundraising initiatives throughout the year that will raise the required funds, including the Igniting Healthcare 50/50 Fundraiser, the Christmas Wish Tree campaign, annual signature events, and various direct mail appeals featuring grateful patients who share their story to inspire others throughout our community.

During the course of the fiscal year, as the hospital purchases and receives the approved equipment, the hospital then invoices the Foundation to receive the funds for the specific piece of equipment that has been purchased. This process occurs quarterly for administrative expediency.

In addition, there may be times when a donor approaches the Foundation with a desire to fund a piece of equipment that is not on the annual approved list of priorities. In this case, the Foundation confirms the need with the hospital and then proceeds to flow these donor directed funds to the hospital once it acquires this equipment. Once again, the hospital would invoice the Foundation in order to receive the funds. These allocations are in addition to the annual $500,000 commitment.

Finally, there may be special projects, such as the Withdrawal Management Service, that are proposed after the year’s priorities have been determined, but both the hospital and the Foundation agree is worthy of support. In these cases, the Board of the Foundation considers if it can support these requests from reserves and may flow funds to the hospital to support these initiatives. Again, this is in addition to the annual $500,000 commitment and funds flow following the purchase of the equipment or completion of the project.