T’s & Sweats Fundraising Sale | Chatham

Event Details

T's and Sweats Fundraising Sale Community Event by Jarnail and Inder Gahunia, in support of the Highest Priority Needs at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

From July 1st to October 31st, Jarnail and Inder Gahunia, the owners of T’s & Sweats in the Downtown Chatham Cetnre, held a unique promotion in support of the Foundation, offering 20% to 70% off the price of in-store items when opted to donate 20% of their purchase to the Foundation.

After over 46 years in business, Jarnail and Inder plan to close up shop at the end of April in 2023. They came up with this generous fundraiser as a way of celebrating decades of success here in Chatham-Kent, while giving back to the community that has supported their business along the way.

Jarnail and Inder have been supporters of the Foundation for years, and they have also been involved in doing humanitarian work in the wake of natural disasters through their association with the Kent Sikh Society.

““We know that our local hospital cannot rely entirely on government funding; it is our duty as a community to support the hospital in any way that we can,” said Jarnail. “We live in this community, our children were born and raised here, and we have everything that we’ll ever need. This was our way of doing our part and giving back to help members of our community in the present and future.”

Through their generosity, the funds raised will be used to invest in equipment renewal, program innovation, and modern facilities at CKHA. Jarnail and Inder are true leaders in philanthropy, and they are making a real difference as they help to enable world-class healthcare right here in Chatham-Kent.